Do you like the Eagles, Styx, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Ted Nugent? Then you’re our people. This IS your Daddy’s rock and roll! Motor City classic rock is alive and kicking hard against the gates of hell.


Where do you go when you feel like you don’t fit in to church? Who do you turn to when you feel hurt by religion? How can you experience Jesus when you don’t feel good enough?


Been to church before…no desire to go back….de-churched. Never been to church….see no need for it….un-churched. Need something better…hope it’s out there somewhere…seeker.


The band, Looking Up, inspires the seeker in all of us to look at Jesus. “We all deal with real stuff…the struggles of life…we tend to lose focus by looking at the problems. We need to keep ourselves focused on Jesus. The ministry of Looking Up is to the guy who smells like a fifth who comes through the back door and is asked to leave quietly. The biker, the drug addict, the single mother, and the homeless are all our people”, says Kevin (lead singer).


“Live Jesus Loud” is the powerful new CD release from Tate Music Group. “That’s what we have to do”, says Bob (bass player). Blaine (drummer) declares, “Christians have been too quiet about their faith for too long”. Fans of Third Day, Casting Crowns, and Viktor are going to love the style of this new CD. But radically changed lives are the real testimony of this bands success story.


Looking Up has been Living Loud for Jesus for 12 years and we are just getting started!

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