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  • 11/21/2015
    The Cupbearer - Auburn, IN

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Do you like the Eagles, Styx, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Ted Nugent? Then you’re our people. Motor City classic rock is alive and kicking hard against the gates of hell.

Looking Up is made-up of five hard rocking, God fearing men on a mission.


Reaching the hurting, angry, lost and addicted of this world, what some would call the “throw away’s”.


With a seamless blend of rock-n-roll with a thread of blues, the message is and forever be geared to hit you straight in the soul where the deepest secrets like to stay hidden.


Looking-up travels all around the United States in clubs, on stages and even in prison spreading the good news of the LORD.


Every member of this band has also experienced the modern church’s judgment, scorn and abandonment when going through difficult times. Life happens, right? We want to be out there to let the world know that dispite the church, filled with humans, God is still there when life happens…not only there, but wanting and willing to do life with them.


Lead singer and Pastor of Looking Up Ministries, Kevin Brown, has lived the life of the addict and has experienced the pain of broken relationships, the heartache of a life without God, and the renewal and reconciliation that comes from God through Jesus Christ….the Grace of the Gospel!


Our music is not your typical contemporary Christian music. Our music is REAL, HONEST, TRUTHFUL, HOPEFUL.


Been to church before…no desire to go back….de-churched. Never been to church….see no need for it….un-churched. Need something better…hope it’s out there somewhere…seeker.


The band, Looking Up, inspires the seeker in all of us to look at Jesus. “We all deal with real stuff…the struggles of life…we tend to lose focus by looking at the problems. We need to keep ourselves focused on Jesus. The ministry of Looking Up is to the guy who smells like a fifth who comes through the back door and is asked to leave quietly. The biker, the drug addict, the single mother, and the homeless are all our people. Their all God's people. ”, says Kevin.



Looking Up has been Living Loud for Jesus for 15 years and we are not finished yet!